I am fascinated by color and its relationship to form, and by merging paint, bold strokes and organic shapes, I strive to create art that elicits a sense of energy and warmth.

My art is instinctive, and while working on several pieces at a time, I embrace the beauty in the drips, smudges and happy accidents that dictate the personality and direction of each and every canvas.

Inspiration for my work derives from my travels, Cuban roots and colorful winters in Miami.


Yvonne’s passion for art was sparked while studying fashion design at Marangoni Instituto in Milan. Since then, her creative journey has taken many forms, from running her own interior design firm to working as head stylist for AtHome Magazine.

After taking classes at Silvermine Arts Center, the primarily self-taught artist began experimenting with different mediums, including acrylic, graphite, gesso and watercolors, finding joy in combining them all in her mixed media paintings.

Yvonne paints from her home studios in Westport and Miami, and sells and exhibits her work in several interior design stores and galleries in both Connecticut and Florida.

Claveloux invests her time into the art and design community by speaking on panel discussions, donating art to worthy causes and fostering relationships with both established and up-and-coming designers. As she encounters these new opportunities, she continues to evolve her artistic eye and explore the world around her.