Paradise Palms Pillow- Pink


Experience a touch of tropical bliss with the Paradise Palms Pillow in Pink – a true embodiment of the intricate artwork of Yvonne Claveloux. Drawing inspiration from her Paradise Palms masterpiece, this pillow adds a stylish yet playful accent to any room.

Crafted from a superior quality cotton-linen blend, this pillow manifests a subtle blend of luxury and comfort. Its dimensions of 24×24 inches make it an ideal accessory for any seating ensemble, bed, or couch, adding a balancing element to your decor style.

The pillow showcases a beautiful and detailed print of vibrant palm trees on a white background. The bold design, captured perfectly through the artist’s meticulous work, is balanced out with chic white piping edges.

Backed with a plain zipper closure, each pillow is filled generously with a soft feather insert ensuring optimal comfort.

Experience a unique blend of functional art and comfort with the Paradise Palms Pillow in Pink, adding a pop of color and a slice of paradise to your home decor.

  • Size: 24 x 24 (Please inquire if you would like a different size.)
  • Material: Cotton/Linen Blend (Cover)
  • Feather (Insert)